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random fun [Aug. 19th, 2006|02:05 pm]
what came first, the music or the misery?
In my quest for a new lj name, I've come up with a fun randomization game. Here's how it works:
number one on my list is the first song that comes up when I hit shuffle on my SLVR; two is a random word from my favorite book Dangerous Angels; three is a random name from the same baby name book my mom picked my own name; and four is a random word chosen from the dictionary I've used since middle school. (Numbers 2-4 were picked by the close-eyes-open-book-and-point-method).

1. Exit Music (for a Film)
2. Marquez
3. Parker (how odd that I would randomly pick my own last name)
4. interference

1. Lost in the Supermarket (a good lj name, but too long)
2. time
3. Marcel
4. ozone

1. At the Stars (I soooo want this name, but it's taken)
2. perfect pirouette (good if i were, say, a ballerina)
3. Kineta
4. mousse

1. Body
2. Window
3. Edward
4. Premature

It's a fun game, but it didn't help me come up with a new name. Well, I'll give it another try:

1. crooked teeth
2. morning
3. mab
4. mouth

Premature_ozone_interference...hehe edward_mousse_mouth...mab_window_body...hehe well I'll keep trying.
I'm seriously considering black_tambourine or earthquake_weather, both of which are beck songs.